Ceza – Who is Bilgin Özçalkan? – life story ?

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Ceza – Bilgin Özçalkan; He came to the world in Üsküdar in 1977.


The ceza, which started to be interested in rap music from a young age, has taken its punishment nickname because of the demands of opponents and spectators who came to our punishment. Public Enemy said that he was very impressed by the group, see how harsh words were blown out with rap music, and added Fatalrhymer as his nickname, Ceza A.K.A Fatalrhymer. In the meantime, he completed his education and was taken to work. On the one hand as an electrical technician on the one hand, the penalty continued to work life, also gave speed to rap life. He has resigned from the Criminal Technician who sees that both the work and the rapin do not go together and he is completely rap music adad.


In the rap world, which is similar to pop music in the 90’s, where the volume of rap music is very small, the first group of music was played by U.C.S. He built it by name. The group gave concerts in the year 97-98. In 2000, Hatice agreed with Hammer Music and released the album “Meclisi Ala – İstanbul”. “Key” album came in 2001. A professional video clip was filmed with the same name as the album. This album has a very good outcome. In the process, he gave numerous concerts.

One of the biggest outcomes of the punishment was realized in 2004. In addition to performing at RockIstanbul, one of the biggest rock music organizations, he has also succeeded in joining important names of popular music with rap vocals. The punishment accompanying the sun in the song “Sahilden”, which is included in the new album called “Moon Shahit” of Burcu Güneş, has also got the chance to sing with Candan Erçetin. The artist’s contributions to the piece “City” found on the album Angel were found. She took part in the film “Kebab Connection”, which was directed by Fatih Akin and directed by Fatih Akin.


Following these two names, musician Mercan Dede’s “Su” album was also featured in Ceza. In 2006, when the punishment was done, he made a duet with Sezen Aksu in the song “Gelsin Life Notices” in the album “Local Plaka”. He also performed a duet in Şinanay with Sezen Aksu. The songs of Adanalı, which started in the last month of 2008, also featured various songs on Cuz’nin Yerli Plaka album. Also in 2011, Tech N9ne named the duo with the rapper of USA named All 6’s and 7’s and it was our first time singing Turkish in a foreign album.

The penalty, in an interview with the Esquire magazine, says that the lyrics are written on albums after the musical works have been completed and that it takes place in a very short period of time. The penalty also reacts to the perception of hip hop and rap as being the same,


“If you think of hip hop as a tree, rap is one of its branches. ”
says. Finally, Star Tilbe made a duet in the piece that I had you on the album. In 2009 he released the Bomb Plate. The album he co-produced with Killa Hakan is two. Someone has increased sales in Turkey, the other will go on sale in Germany. The song “Delight” was filmed. Killa Hakan’s Solo album Volume Ten Album has 10 feat. Alles Ok and Allerbesten Rapper. On June 18th, 2010, the 10th Village Album was released. A clip with a song called Little Mikrofon. The second clip of the album was drawn to the piece called Dünden Ne Kaldı. In 2010, the İstanbulls Boxing team made the name İstanbulls Akıl – Bilek – Yürek. Later on, he was again clipped to the track titled Kim Bilir from the Tenth Village album. Organize Oluyoruz supported by Hiphoplife vol. 1 contributed to the song “Send a Little Delisin” and this song was taken on the clip. Finally, with the Rap version of the Turkish Anthem, it has gained immense momentum.

He has performed at many festivals like Rock’n Coke. In 2009 and 2010, she was in the fanta youth festival twice in the back. In addition, the website “MySpace” has participated in a festival in America leaving a world famous name behind. MTV has also shown the success of the first Turkish artist who won a prize at EMA.  His work has opened with Sagopa Kajmer, who has been working for a while. Sagopa Kajmer and Ceza are the most important artists of Turkish rap.

Killa Hakan’s album Son Mohakan has also been guest with Fantastic Four-legged tracks with Eko Fresh and Summer Cem, and one of them has been clipped to this piece.