Who is Ados?

Temmuz 5, 2018 0 Yazar: queqtra

His real name is Adem Oslu. 1988 Born in Istanbul, the artist took his first steps in music in 2005. MC’s 10th album, with a total of 9 albums, is on its way!


In 2007, he published his first underground album ‘Celine Kartal’. In the same year, the second underground album ‘Unconsciousness Kaçırdım’ was given to listeners. After a year of studying, his third album, “Ekimoz”, revealed his own music and helped create the audience.

After a two-year follow-up, he offered to sell his underground album “Eskiz” in the first month of 2011, in which he addressed a number of different issues, which also featured as the first album of the year. In addition, he broadcasts his songs except for albums and his tracks on albums he participated in as a guest under the name of ‘Ashleigh Bootleg’.

Naperv to; reckless, fearless. Naperva is an album based on instruments. It goes beyond the usual rap concept and this audience gives a great pleasure. Of course, Naperva’s album contained a lot in the hearts of many listeners. On the Naperva album we see Adian’s accompanied Saian, Hidra and his tremendous voice to Atiberk. Along with Naperva’s album, a secret book named The Secret was put on the market. My secret, which was of great interest, was consumed in a short time. On the back of the book he writes: “He kept the destruction and resurrection phases of his life as notes that accumulated over the years. His first written essay “SIRRIM” was formed when these notes and NAPERVA album songs came together. ”

Immediately after the works of Naperva and Sırrım, in 2015, an e.p. She pulled.

He is currently working on a legal album called ‘Vertigo’ which will be on the shelves very soon.

He has been working with many successful MCs and has been working as a guest artist on albums. He took the stage numerous in many provinces of Turkey. You can enter the official YouTube channel to watch the clips taken and listen to their tracks.


Ados Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/adosresmisfa

Ados Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/ademoslu