Who is Sansar Salvo?

Temmuz 6, 2018 0 Yazar: queqtra

1989 Istanbul born artist; After working with Olympos and Merdiven groups, in 2006, Ceza, Alaturka Mavzer, Mihenk Taşı participated in the formation of the Kadıköy Emergency which has many important names in it. In the same period Sansar Salvo, who was also in the company of Şaşoda / Rapbiznezz, performed for a while as the back vocal of Fuat Ergin, one of the important names of Turkish Rap.


Until 2008, Sansar, who shared his work on internet and published various mixtape works, took his first album “Adrenalin” in the same year. In 2009, the second album “Seremoni Efendisi” was released. Heavy Roman, Albert De Salvo and Toz Bulutu in these two albums took on the arrangements of named pieces.

He printed the name as MC and Producer on the project named “Apache Squad Sun Ladder” published in 2011. After completing his training in sound engineering, Sansar Salvo released his own digital single work called “Smoking Cigarette”, which he also performed in his mix-mastering process with Pasaj Music & Hiphoplife.PRO tag, and he supported Rap-vocals with one of the Filmin soundtrack works by Saki Çimen named Filmin soundtrack. In addition, during his training, he prepared a thesis study named “Günümümüze Rap Music and Production from the Past”.


At the beginning of 2013, “What !?” his famous work was published in the form of a digital single after his intense interest. In the summer of the same year, “How Much in Umrumda !?” named single study was presented to the market. At the same time Organize Oluyoruz Vol. 1-2-3 and continued his career as a guest on the album of various artists. In these years, he began to play the sub-styles of Rap music by performing DJing in amateur sense in some organizations.
At the end of 2013, Sansar released the third solo album “24 Chargers” in partnership with Dokuz Eight Music & Hiphoplife.PRO. In 2014, with Anil Piyanci, he presented the single “Everybody is Right” with the singing single work and met with Halil Sezai for “Çilek” came. In 2015 “Dance Time”, “The Meaning of the Game” and “Writing” Need to çalışmalarını is released solo single, took place in the first row of this work with many digital lists in Turkey.

He was the only duo on the album “Sus Pus”, the same year as the punishment, and also had the opportunity to work with DJ Premier, Mode XL, Camouflage and many other names from different parts of the world.


In 2016, Şanışer also hosted a single study titled “Instead of Waiting for Death Tomorrow”. Then his compilation album was presented to the “Soon Chance” market. He was on stage as the front group of the legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash, along with Criminal and Istanbul Trip at Burn Battle School. In the same year, he spoke of the so-called social responsibility project “Do It”.

In February 2017, the album titled “Now Sans”, which consists of 20 songs and hosted many important titles such as Turkish Rap and music market, Ceza, Yasemin Mori, Koray Avci, Aydilge, Ogün Şanlısoy, was also published with Dokuzsekiz Music label.